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Not just another spaced-out company

Company Profile

Dedicated to supplying enhanced services via satellite. Established 1984

Consulting: Established 1986; TVRO / SMATV / MATV / Satellite industry sales & services to the insurance industry, expanded in 1988 to security.

International: Established in 1989; Expanded to commercial sales of Head-End equipment for the reception of satellite signals both domestic & abroad.

Director: Barry Loadenthal;                                                                                    Founded Lennoxville Satellite Systems in 1983; launched Communication Intersat ,         also known as International Satellite in 1984. Added computer sales & service in 1994.

Engineering: Richard Colt;                                                                                        Began engineering for RCA 1957-1976. Engineered first earth station in Canada               (Mill Village, Nova Scotia). First engineer for Tee-comm Electronics 1983-1986.

Computer Systems & Network Analyst: Alain Roy;  PC & Mac formats.

We are registered in both Canada & the USA.


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Phone ; 819 849 7700